Coed Talylan is a 70 acre woodland on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons, Wales.

We are working towards the creation of a woodland commons to enable a form co-sufficient low-impact housing co-operative through the One Planet Development framework that will exemplify the social, environmental and economic benefits of mutual home ownership for aspiring landworkers.

To this end, we have established the Coed Talylan Land Trust, a community benefit society that will serve as the co-operative land owning structure to ensure that land will be held for the benefit and well being of future generations.

The areas of land that will be used for the OPD housing will be leased to the Coed Talylan Housing Co-operative, a society led by member residents to manage their shared interests.

We believe in the importance of placing the meaning of the home at the heart of the wider movement for agroecology and food sovereignty as a force for social change. We hope that through developing this model of co-sufficient low-imapct housing in support of a new era of agroecological land and resource management we will help to create a more resilient, healthy regional economy.

With this in mind we are developing business activities that draw on innovative techniques of mushroom cultivation, horticulture, timber processing, knowledge sharing and training in skills essential for building distributed newtorks of rural enterprise.

Alongside this we are designing a 30 acre fungal nature reserve to empower a community of interest in fungi and fungal restoration. This Refungium project will co-ordinate volunteer action to regenerate this former spruce plantation into a place for learning and knowledge of fungi.