Thank you for taking an interest in applying as a participant in the mushroom cultivation diversification scheme with the Farming with Fungi project. Please be aware this project is funded for Small to Medium Scale Farming Enterprise (SMSFE) in Cmyru (Wales).
The support for participant SMSFE in project involves training and assistance in inoculating a variety of substrates for up to 6 different speices of fungi. This includes the provision of the required “spawn”, that is the inoculant of the particular fungus, and a 1 day training session where you will inoculate the substrates.
The 1 day training session can be opened up to the public as a mushroom cultivation workshop but this is entirely up the participant.
Although the spawn and tools will be provided by the Farming with Fungi project the participating SMSFE will need to provide the substrates for the different species of fungi. These materials include logs, woodchip, straw, small amount of manure and compost. There are more details with regards to these materials in the Cast of Species page and in the applictaion form.
One of the 6 speices includes oyster mushrooms grown in a controlled environment. As part of the project we can loan a mobile mushroom grow room for up to 8 weeks. This would be provided after the inital training session in anticipation of the participant preparing the inoculated substrates for the grow room.
If participants are conifident taking on a more intensive “indoor” growing scheme we will be building 4 grow rooms in converted refridgerated truck boxes. These will be made available for participants on an annual basis.
If you are interested in applying as a participant SMSFE use the following link to complete the online applictaion form: