As a co-operative community benefit society Coed Talylan Land Trust is open to new members who support our purpose and objectives and align with our Membership Agreement.

Coed Talylan Land Trust Limited – Membership Agreement

To become a Supporter Member and a co-owner of the Coed Talylan you can buy shares hold shares in the Society. The minimum membership shareholding fee £250. All shares in the Society are withdrawable but non-transferable. This means you can request the repayment of your shares but you cannot “sell” them to a third party.

We also accept Joint Membership for couples of the same household and Family Membership with dependents (under 16 years).

As a Member you can also invest in the Society and buy shares in excess of the minimum shareholding £250 . The maximum shareholding per Member is £25,000.  Members also have the option of choosing to receive interest on these shares up to 3% per annum.

Alongside the possibility of earning interest on shares (above the minimum membership shares) there are several other membership benefits:

  • 10% Discount on all Coed Talylan Products
  • 15% or more Discount on Coed Talylan Courses and Training events
  • invitation to ongoing volunteer and member training events
  • Invitation to Spring and Summer Gatherings
  • invitation to the Annual Autumn “Refungium” Gathering

Members are invited to participate in the running and direction of the society, involvement in the development of projects such as the Refungium and the appointment of directors through our annual general meeting (AGM) held during autumn Refungium Gathering.

To improve communication and co-ordination members can also access a section of this website to view all of the society’s documents, reports and meeting minutes.

We accept membership for individuals or organistaions, joint membership for couples and family membership. Joint and family membership count as only  one vote.

For more information please download our Membership and Share Offer Document and the Coed Talylan Business Plan:

Coed Talylan – Membership and Share Offer


Coed Talylan – Business Plan 2024 – 2029


The Coed Talylan Land Trust Society (Registration No.7366) rules can be view here:

Coed Talylan Land Trust – Society Rules


If you would like to apply for Supporter Membership the application form can be found here:

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