As a co-operative community benefit society Coed Talylan Land Trust is open to new members who support our purpose and objectives these are outlined in our Membership Agreement.

Coed Talylan Land Trust Limited – Membership Agreement

In building a supporting Community of Practice to ensure the longevity of the society in its commitment to hold Coed Talylan in trust and steward the development of the land according our shared values and principles we are inviting individuals and organisations to apply as Steward Members.

Steward Members have the same rights and responsibilities as Supporter Members, as described in the Membership Agreement but with the additional responsibilities:

  • To provide an oversight in the society’s commitment to ensuring fair and democratic governance
  • To help facilitate the society’s commitment to support the development and growth of the co-operative movement

Steward Members can take on specific roles and responsibilities in the Society. To do so we are looking for individuals and organisations who can act in a practical or advisory capacity that:

  • have experience in agroecological production
  • have experience in relevant fields related to the ecological land management objectives of the society
  • are engaged the values and principles of Food Sovereignty
  • are engaged in organising under the ICA Co-operative identity, value and principles.
  • have experience or are engaged in any fields relevant to the Objects of the Society

Steward Members are elected at our AGM. To apply as a Steward Member the information given in the application from provides the basis for a “qualifying statement” presented to our members before the AGM.

Steward Members are usual nominated by existing members but we also accept applications for Steward Membership. If you would like to apply for Steward Membership contact us for more details.