Women’s Carpentry Course

This popular introductory course is for women who feel they lack the carpentry that invariably belongs to all building projects. It provides participants with essential carpentry techniques for building shelters.

Over the four days of this course you will be led through all processes involved in constructing a building, from sub flooring to roofing, working on a small timber framed structure. No experience necessary. The course is for women only.

Course Dates 2024


22nd to 25th [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]


28th to 31th [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]


3rd to 6th (Plotgate Course) [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]

24th to 27[FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]


8th to 11th [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]


12th to 15 [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]

27th to 30 [FULLY BOOKED – Waiting List]



If the course date is fully booked you can join a waiting list by filling out the booking form just hold off any payment until we have notified you of a space available.

What you will learn

You will learn through practice how to construct:

  • a sub floor
  • stud wall
  • windows and door frames
  • roof structure
  • hang a door
  • put in windows
  • lay a floor
  • clad the structure
  • applying roof material

The course will also include:

  • theory on how the parts of this structure would relate to other structures, for example straw bale, earth and stone buildings.
  • working with power tools: i.e. circular saws, chop saws and jig saws
  • hand tools and their maintenance
  • making a cutting list and pricing up your project

Natural Building

The natural building aspect of this course is in regards to the knowledge of your tutor in natural building techniques and that we use green local rough sawn timber. We will go through natural building details in theory sessions only. The work itself is standard carpentry, exactly what you also need, but often not taught, in the natural building world. About 50% of natural builders are women, and many do not have any carpentry skills – a frustrating limitation to a crafts-woman. This course is about changing that.

If you are not a natural builder, you are very welcome too!

You will need

For the course you are asked to wear suitable work clothes and steel toe caps shoes/boots (not wellies) and ear protectors. Fingerless work gloves and a tool belt is recommended.
You are also asked to bring your own cordless combo screw driver/drill and a set of hand tools which will be detailed in the information letter you receive as you sign up. If you have any questions regarding the above, please get in touch.

Course  Instructor

Sara Tommerup: Sara is a natural builder and carpenter with a broad range of experience within the different natural building techniques spanning earth, straw, stone, wood and lime. Sara has learnt from many different natural builders around the world. She also holds a MSc in Architecture.


Courses are held at Coed Talylan – a 70 acre woodland on the western edge of the Brecon Beacons. Nestled below the iron age hill fort of Garn Goch in the foothills of the Black Mountain it offers a secluded and peaceful location for our course participants.
Accommodation is provide as camping. You will need to bring your own gear around. The camping area is around our A-frame wooden cabin with kitchen and dining/living space. We have running spring water throughout the site, compost toilets and wash facilities.

All meals and refreshments are provided with much of the food grown organically at Coed Talylan. The food will be vegetarian and/or vegan. We can cater for dietry requirement, not preferences.


Fees include tuition, handouts, material, food, refreshments and accommodation.

  • Up to 14K/year: £450
  • 14K-20K/year: £525
  • 20K upwards: £575

We endeavour to make our courses and events affordable to all by providing the three payment bands. We may also offer payment in instalments.

See the Coed Talylan Terms and Conditions

Booking and Paying for your place

To book a place on the course use the link below to complete the booking form. The course fee is paid by bank transfer and details are provided when you checkout the booking form. It is possible to pay by instalments, just contact us to arrange this. Your palce is resevred once we recieved payement, either in full or the first instalments. The course requires a lot of initial material costs and planning. Therefore, please be sure you can commit to the course dates as there is a cancellation fee of £75 and the course fee must be paid in full at least 21 days before the course starts, and after this date we will not be able to refund you the course fee.

If the course date is fully booked you can join a waiting list by filling out the booking form just hold off any payment until we have notified you of a space available.


We now have a facebook page to connect those interested in carpentry opportunities for women:

Facebook: Carpentry for Women

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