To help our members to gather as much data as possible when collecting and recording specimens of fungi for our Fungarium we provide the following description of the method and best practice of collection and note taking. The equipment listed here will be available on our set foraying days but members are encouraged to record fungi themselves when visiting the woodland.


Note book




Appropriate note taking stationary

Tackle Box


Paper tags numbered

Paper Bags



  1. Take pictures, at lease 3;
  • Closeup of specimen or group of fruitbodies;
  • wider scale of habitat;
  • specimen(s) once collected.
  1. Numbering the specimen make habit notes: growth patterns, prevalence and the substrate.
  2. Make habitat notes: nearby flora, other characteristics of the nearby woodland.
  3. Collect the whole fruit body including any basal parts. This may require lightly digging if there is a stem that “roots” into the ground.
  4. Note the smell and, if you have had the training (and inclination!), the taste (spit out!).
  5. Store the specimen(s) appropriately, use the tackle box for smaller specimens and the basket with paper bag for larger fruitbodies. Add a tag with number for the smaller specimens and number the paper bag with larger specimens.

Once you have collected your specimens its time to return and begin the process of Identification and Recording.

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