Get involved in the  “The Refungium,” an ambitious and innovative eco-restoration project that has set its sights on creating not just a nature reserve, but a thriving sanctuary, a refugium, for the often-overlooked world of fungi. With a commitment to fostering a regenerative culture that supports both our well-being and the health of the environment, The Refungium project embarks on a multifaceted journey drawing actors from a diveristy of backgrounds and interests.

By integrating the following five core objectives this project aims to breathe life into woodlands, create a haven for countless fungal species, empower individuals with knowledge and insight, and kindle a deeper connection between humanity and the natural world:

  1. Understanding, Documenting and Enjoyment of Fungal Diversity;
  2. Conserving and restoring fungal diversity;
  3. Building capacity for the conservation and restoration of fungal diversity;
  4. Promoting education and awareness about fungal diversity, restoration and conservation, and
  5. Engaging with fungi in a way that contributes to a regenerative culture;

Join us on this transformative foray into the world of fungi as we work towards rejuvenating ecosystems, enhancing biodiversity, and cultivating a future where the flourishing of fungi reflects the vitality of our planet.

If you would like to get involved in the Refungium Project contact us for more details.

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