Land Trust

Coed Talylan Land Trust (CTLT) is a co-operative organisation founded to create an exemplary low impact development for a shared equity self build co-housing project.  Utilising the One Planet Development (OPD) policy guidelines CTLT will demonstrate the benefits of co-operative networks in achieving the goals of OPD with an understanding that localised “co-sufficiency” makes for greater resilience in light of the interlocking crises we face today.

As a community benefit society, the CTLT acts as the legal land owner and governing body to oversee the management the woodland.

we are open to new members that share our interest in the land support the purpose of Society. Members join by subscribing to shares in the society. Such shares are withdrawable but non-transferable. This mean that members can withdraw their shares but cannot sell them to a third party. Members can also opt to earning interest on their shares up to 2% per annum.

All members have equal standing in the Society with one vote, irrespective of share holding, if they want to participate in the decision making process. To make this process as clear and accessible as possible we will hold quarterly meetings one of which will include an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the accounts are reviewed and approved and the board of directors/trustees is elected from the membership. All members will be invited to attend either in person or via an online meeting platform such as Zoom. The AGM will coincide with an annual “Refungium” Gathering at Coed Talylan.

Members may also be interested in participating in activities on the land as such the CTLT will hold regular volunteer tasks and skill share oriented events. Members will also be able to visit the land by accessing our members campsite. For more information about Membership and member benefits see the Become a Member page.

The business of the CTLT is not to directly manage the land or the housing. The responsibility for the maintenance and management of the land, in accordance with set principles, is delegated through a Management Agreement with Coed Talylan Enterprise Ltd.

The land under management of CTE Ltd concerns all of the land outside of the OPD plots and related residential infrastructure. The company will maintain this infrastructure for business activities, land management responsibilities such as maintaining boundaries and access as well as overseeing the delivery of the Refungium project and co-ordinating any volunteer involvement.

The management of the housing and shared residential assets and resources will be delegated to the Coed Talylan Housing Co-operative through a long-term lease agreement.