Coed Talylan Land Trust is now open to applications for Supporter Members!

This an opportunity to become a co-operative member and co-owner of Coed Talylan. By becoming a Supporter Member you will also be directly helping to secure land for the development of a model of shared equity self-build co-housing co-operative that will create the foundations for a co-sufficient low-impact community.

The Coed Talylan Land Trust (CTLT) as a Community Benefit Society, provides the possibility of growing the community both on the land and a wider community of interest and practice, and furthers the potential educational and training opportunities we want to share at Coed Talylan.

The land now encompasses 80 acres of woodland and pasture. Over 30 acres of this land will be dedicated to nature conservation with a particular focus on increasing fungal diversity, the Refungium Project.

To make all this possible we need your support!

By joining us as a Supporter Member you will also be able to enjoy several benefits, including:

  • 10% discount on all Coed Talylan Products
  • 15% or more discount on Coed Talylan Courses and Training events
  • invitation to seasonal (Spring and Summer) Gatherings
  • invitation to ongoing volunteer and member training events
  • invitation to the annual Refungium Gathering

There are various ways you will be able get involved in the project and visit the woodland, such as:

1. Annual Members’ “Refungium” Gathering: Each year, CTLT organises an autumn weekend gathering to celebrate the world of fungi, offering guided fungal forays, engaging guest speakers, and hands-on workshops. The gathering coincides with the CTLT Annual General Meeting (AGM) and is exclusively open to CTLT Members.

2. Seasonal Gatherings: In May and July, we will host weekend gatherings to celebrate the changes of season with food and music.

3. Quarterly Volunteer Weeks: CTLT hosts four annual volunteer weeks, each accommodating up to ten participants. Our focus during these volunteer weeks is on tasks and projects that offer opportunities for sharing knowledge and skills.

4. Courses and Workshops: CTLT prioritises its members when it comes to booking courses and workshops, offering a 15% discount on course fees.

5. Membership Website Access: CTLT Members gain access to a dedicated online portal that provides access to all society documents and meeting minutes, promoting transparency and easy communication within the CTLT community.

6. Project Development: Members will be able to have an input in the direction of our educational output and project development each year at our AGM.

For more information, please download our Membership and Share Offer Document and the Coed Talylan Business Plan 2024 -2029:

Membership and Share Offer


Coed Talylan – Business Plan 2024 – 2029


Join us onine for an Introduction to Supporter Membership

20th March


Register your interest here:

Introduction to Supporter Membership Webinar

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