The objects of a society define what activities that society can pursue. These are the most fundamental goals and objectives of the organisation and set the limits of what the society can do. The objects also express the reasons the organisation has been formed and its long-term goals.

The objects of the Coed Talylan Land Trust can be found in 1.3 of the Coed Talylan Land Trust – Society Rules, there are as follows:

The objects of the society are to benefit the community by:

Providing access to land, technology and resources for the purpose of developing agroecological co-sufficient community farms, including but not limited to:

  • Locally grown food, fuel and fibre in accordance with the principles of agroecology
  • Reconnecting people with local food production through the framework of food sovereignty
  • The development and implementation of local renewable energy systems in accordance with the principles of agroecology
  • Reconnecting people and place through land-based practices and traditional land management skills
  • Regenerative forestry and woodland management
  • Developing co-operative models of regenerative rural enterprise
  • Modelling and providing low-impact living solutions
  • Facilitating the building of homes embedded in co-sufficient community economies in particular by actively pursuing the exemplary establishment at Coed Talylan of three or more One Planet Developments as defined by the Technical Advice Note 6 associated with the Planning Policy Wales documentation of the Welsh Government or defined by such successors to said Technical Advice Note as may from time to time arise
  • Ensuring a full and diverse Steward Membership representative of a wider community of practice.
  • Providing marketing, administration and business planning services
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