Compost Toilet


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Built solely by women during a carpentry training workshop. By buying this loo you support the availability of this training opportunity!

The basic structure:

The toilet structure on the photo is the basic photo and does not come with the seat base or any other internal fittings. It is also without a roof covering. This means you can pop any old tin or any other roofing you have kicking about on the structure, making it less expensive for you. If you need any installation advice e.g. on roofing (e.g. if you want a snazzy green roof) get in touch and technical advice will be given promptly. The loos can be based on any old blocks, brick or stone you have. It can be elevated to increase its height for larger bin sizes or make it into a tree bog where no handling of the waste is necessary. The loos all come with different recycled windows. The wood is untreated rough sawn naturally durable larch. If installed correctly, it will last many years.

How the Loo works:

Loo installed on blocks, finished with roofing material, simple toilet box and seat. Urine is collected in a bin at the back for better composting in a bin system. If the right container is acquired, it can also be tucked in next to the bin. Alternatively, urine can be led directly into a grey water system. A tree bog would typically do away with the urine separation altogether. Here the toilet wood be raised up to give way to a larger compartment below.

  • Let us know if you have any other questions about the toilet design, installation, etc.
  • We can deliver at a flatrate cost of £100 up to 50 miles away and £1.50 per mile thereafter.
  • You may also arrange a courier yourself or collect for free.
  • We are happy to coordinate with you.

Let us know if you have any other questions about about purchasing the Compost Toilet:

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