Garden Giant Grow Kit


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*********************** 3 WEEK WAIT FOR SPAWN DELIVERY ************************

Spawn orders will be sent out from the beginning of April to the end of September.

With the 1.5kg of mushroom spawn in this Garden Giant Mushroom Grow Kit you can create a 2 sqm grow bed with waste cardboard and woodchip that will provide you with a source of nutritious,  delicious and protein rich mushrooms.

Simply add this Garden Giant mushroom spawn to woodchip in a shaded part of your garden and you can enjoy a harvest of these delightful mushrooms year after year.

The Garden Giant, also known as the Wine Cap or King Stropharia, can grow to a magnificent size and your woodchip mushroom grow bed will readily fruit throughout the summer and into autumn.

Once established you can easily propagate more Garden Giant mushroom grow beds by taking spawn from your original bed and making a new one elsewhere.

It is truly is a wonderful, low maintenance, perennial addition to your garden and a gateway to the weird and wonderful world of fungi…

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