One of easiest and most adaptable mushroom to grow the Pleurotus ostreatus or oyster mushrooms. To create a regular cropping cycle the substrates are best fruited in a controlled environment. The thought of constructing and using an environmentally controlled grow room can be one of the limiting factors when considering mushroom cultivation. To give new entrants in mushroom cultivation the chance to experiment with indoor growing we have built a mobile mushroom grow room. This mobile grow room will be loaned for 8 weeks to our participant SMSFE’s to trial the practice of using a grow room.

If the participants decide to adopt the use of a controlled environment for indoor growing schemes we will be converting used refrigerated truck boxes into grow rooms. Cheaper and more accessible than insulated shipping containers these truck boxes provide the ideal structure for conversion with interior cladding and insulation. We will be offering the grow rooms through an annual lease. Two of these we be demonstrated at the Myco Market Garden at the Botanic Gardens of Wales.

We will be adapting the Truck Boxes with a ventilation system, humidifer and lighting regulated using a simple control unit. The design with material lists, cost and instruction to build your own will be available on this website.