We are starting a Woodland Management Study Group that will meet once every two months to support each other in shared learning of knowlege and better practices of small to medium scale woodland mangement. Based around a 7 unit certificate in forestry course curiculum we will use each metting to focus on the following topics:

  1. Principles of Woodlands, Forestry and Ecology
  2. Woody Plant Physiology
  3. The Supply, Planting and Aftercare of Woody Plants
  4. The Interaction of Soil Environments and Woody Plants
  5. Tree Inspections and Statute and Common Law Applied to Tres
  6. Identify and Select Forestry and Woodland Tree Trees for Planting
  7. Principles of Practical Silviculture and Habitat Management

Before each meeting we will share books, articles and links to other relevenat sources of information to inform our discussions during the group session.

If you are in and around East-Carmarthenshire and would like to join our study group just contact us and we will add you to our whatsapp group.


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