Objective 5:  Engage with fungi in a way that contributes to a regenerative culture that supports our health and well-being


By integrating mycological practices such as mycoremediation, mycoagriculture, and mycomedicinals, we tap into fungi’s potential to restore polluted and degenerated environments, enhance agricultural sustainability, and contribute to holistic health. This engagement promotes a balanced relationship with nature, emphasising the interconnectedness of all life forms. Through education and awareness, we empower individuals to incorporate fungi into their daily lives, from sustainable consumption to utilising medicinal fungi for holistic wellness.

Beyond the technicalities of designing, implementing and evaluation of the land management practices necessary for creating an example of a fungi centred eco restoration project, there are many other ways we can connect to and explore our relationship to fungi in the natural world. As well as the environmental benefits of creating the Refungium we hope to be able to show the qualities that increase health and wellbeing and the social benefits that come from the collaborative efforts of the community working together to carry out these objectives. Alongside the spaces we create for fungi we will also a make space for coming together, for healing and for celebration.

  1. Nature Based Therapeutic practices

Working with nature based therapists and practitioners, workshops and activities will be shared that deal with trauma, both mental and physical, and create a space for healing and reflection that is grounded in the life forces of the woodland.

As part of this holistic approach, we will offer Nature-Based Therapeutic practices that harness the healing potential of fungi. Guided forest walks, mycotherapy sessions, and workshops on cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms not only deepen our understanding of fungi but also provide avenues for mental, emotional, and physical rejuvenation. These immersive experiences allow individuals to reconnect with nature, cultivating mindfulness and resilience while learning about the myriad ways fungi contribute to our well-being. By engaging with fungi in this therapeutic manner, we align with the principles of resilience and regeneration, ensuring a harmonious relationship with the natural world for the well-being of generations to come.

  1. Refungium as a refuge for the diverse community of interest in fungi and eco-restoration

In some ways the project provides a refuge for us humans who are dealing with the current interlocking crisis we face today. Engaging with fungi is a way to connect with the life processes and ecosystems of the earth beyond our limited time on this planet.

  1. An annual Refungium Gathering

All Members are invited to the Annual Refungium Gathering, the yearly celebration of fungi and mushroom in the woodland. With talks, forays, workshops and a mushroom feast!

  1. Bringing together diverse interests and actors in the UK fungal/mycological scene.

People from many different backgrounds with variety of interest and perspectives relate to fungi in different ways. But we feel there is often a common humility and reverence for the mystery of these fungal beings. This commonality can be a starting point for dialogue and understanding.


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